Five – Invincible Tour 21st March 2000 @ Birmingham NEC


My first concert back in 2000 was Five’s Invincible Tour in Birmingham. I dont remember a lot about this concert, except that it was where my love for live music started. I didnt have a digital camera back then, so after the concert I ordered an official photograph from the gig, which sits nicely in my scrapbook next to the ticket. I still have the tour program & ticket. I tried to search for the setlist for this gig, but had no luck, until I saw that the show was recorded in Manchester, so I am guessing the setlist and show was the same as in birmingham.

1798525_610175769061376_974709140_n 1970704_610474059031547_875393070_n 10003436_610175795728040_1165364699_n


  1. Battlestar
  2. Shake
  3. Everybody Get Up
  4. Baby When The Lights Go Out
  5. Its The Things You Do
  6. Got The Feelin’
  7. Until The Time Is Through
  8. Slam Dunk (Da Funk)
  9. If Ya Gettin’ Down
  10. Serious
  11. Two Sides To Every Story
  12. Don’t Wanna Let You Go
  13. Invincible
  14. Keep On Movin’
  15. We Will Rock You


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