Robbie Williams at Milton Keynes, UK, 18th September 2006

The first time I saw Robbie Williams live in concert was on 18th September 2006 at Milton Keynes on Robbie’s Close Encounters Tour, which supported his sixth studio album, Intensive Care. To date it is Robbie’s largest tour, playing over 50 shows in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas and Australia. It is believed to have played to over 3 million spectators and earned over $60 million. The name is derived from the 1977 film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Basement Jaxx & Orson were the support acts. Ant & Dec also made a special appearance at this show.


  1. “Untitled I” (contains elements of “The Five Tones and Mountain Visions”) (Instrumental Introduction)
  2. “Radio”
  3. “Rock DJ”
  4. “Tripping”
  5. “Monsoon”
  6. “Sin Sin Sin”
  7. “The Trouble With Me”
  8. “Make Me Pure”
  9. “Me and My Shadow” (performed with Jonathan Wilkes)
  10. “Strong” (performed with Jonathan Wilkes)
  11. “Back for Good”
  12. “No Regrets”
  13. “Advertising Space”
  14. “A Place to Crash”
  15. “Come Undone”
  16. “Feel”
  17. “Let Me Entertain You”
  18. “Angels”



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