A little bit about me….

  • I will be using this website to post about the things that interest me most. My interests include; cats, Scotland, horror, true crime, music, Disney and comedy.
  • I’m a huge Pink fan, I’ve been to around 20 Pink concerts and met her in 2009.
  • I’ve been to almost 100 gigs and events.
  • I love photography, in my opinion, photography doesn’t have to be the best photo you have ever seen, but simply a photo that holds a thousand memories, whether it turns out to be the best photo you’ve ever took, or a blurry ‘mess’ is irrelevant.
  • I love horror genre, Halloween is my favourite time of year.
  • My favourite actors are Tom Hanks & Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • I adore cats, I have two indoor cats… Black cats are awesome!
  • I have 7 tattoos, including Pink’s signature from when I met her.
  • I love Disney
  • I love Scotland
  • I love winter and cold weather, waking up to snow is a dream come true!
  • I signed up to twitter on 24th February 2009, the date of the first show of Pink’s Funhouse tour, because I wanted to see spoilers & pictures etc. “Troublepink” = I was listening to Trouble by Pink at the time of signing up!
  • I run ‘PinkHistory’ on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & other social media sites. I also run http://www.PinkHistoryOfficial.com which takes up most of my free time!

Where to find me…

Other useful links…

All sources on blog posts are credited where possible. If I have miss-credited, or you see something of yours on this site which you would like to be removed, please contact me! 


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